As a part of your community for over 40 years, Youth and Family Services is committed to programming that supports the emotional and mental health of children, parents and families. We provide parent education, after-school programs and high quality counseling services. 

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Articles & Podcasts
Demystifying the Teen Brain-- 2/4/16
Everyday Tips for Dealing with ADHD
Mentors Needed
Neighborhood-based program

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FNA Dance
October 21st
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Understanding Trends in Teen Use of Opeates and Prescription Drugs
Presentation for parents and professionals
 October 27 from 10-11:30 am 6:30-8 pm

Understanding Depression and Anxiety in Teens

The Impact of Electronics on Youth
Renowned psychologist and
author presents on the challenges of
raising kids in a technology addicted
world and shares useful tips

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November 9th from 7-8:30 pm

Parenting the ADHD Child
A weekly class from 10/20-11/17

Do you need help for yourself or a friend?
Text  LAKECO to 274637
Text-A-Tip  is  24/7    365     Anonymous
Text-A-Tip is a crisis helpline that youth can use to communicate with a licensed clinician about concerns about themselves or a friend.
View the Parent Handbook on Childhood and Adolescent Depression
Teen Depression Screening
Erika's Lighthouse offeres a self-report depression screener for teens who think they may have depression. For the tool or more info, please click button.
Many parents don't know the signs of depression. Erika's Lighthouse provides a great resource designed to help parents know what's going on with their child, find the right treatment, deal with the schools, negotiate insurance issues and other valuable tools.
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This will open from the Erika's Lighthouse website